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Page No.DestinationReservations Possible UntilTokyoMt. Fuji & HakoneKyotoNaraTakayamaOther City26●3 days before27●●28●●8 days before27●●3 days before29●●●8 days before32●●23●●24●25●30●●●31●●●●33●●●8●●●●9●●●●10-11●●●●●12-13●●●●● Kanazawa, & Kyoto 14-15●●●●● Kanazawa & Kyoto16-17●●●● Nara, Takayama & Kanazawa18-19●●●●●●34●●22●●● Mt. Fuji20-21●●●●●●35●●35●●Symbols: UNESCO World Heritage Site motorcoach, van, sedan or taxi local train shinkansen ship cable car or ropeway walking Itinerary:Locations in red include admission, blue include sightseeing, and black are drive-by only. Times indicated within brackets <> and parentheses ( ) are estimates subject to change due to traf c conditions.Other Remarks:1. Times indicated are not nal, and are subject to change without prior notice due to operational concerns.2. Images are for illustrative purposes only. 3. Japanese law requires all passengers to fasten seatbelts while riding motor vehicles.4. All information indicated on this pamphlet are based on terms and conditions as of August 31, 2014 and are subject to change without notice.Top sellerRecommendedPopularNewNewNewNewTop sellerHow to read informationTour ConditionsPick Up & Drop Off ServicesTransfer PlanHotel PlanTakayama HolidayMountain HolidaySunrise HighlightsExpress KyotoJapan Combination PackagePlease read before booking5