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Tour Terms & Conditions21. Liability of Client1. GMT shall require the client to indemnify GMT for losses sustained owing to a client’s willful negligence, fault, conduct against public order and good manners, or breach of provisions in GMT’s Organized Tour Contract.2. The client is required to make every effort to utilize information acquired from GMT and to understand the details of his/her rights/responsibilities as well as the details of tour conditions.3. After the start of the tour, should the client nd that the tour service provided is different from that speci ed in the tour contract after tour commencement, the client shall be required to promptly advise of the discrepancy to the tour conductor, English-speaking guide, English-speaking assistant, travel agency, or place of application for the smooth provision of the tour services described in the tour contract.4. GMT may take necessary measures if a client needs treatment during the duration of the tour due to illness, injuries, etc. In the case GMT is not responsible for the cause of the illness, injury, etc., the client shall bear all costs for said measures and must make the payments by the means and date designated by GMT.5. If the client loses the travel coupons provided by GMT, the client shall bear the cost and charges of all shipping facilities used to reissue said coupons. The fares and changes shall correspond with the rates set by the shipping facilities.22. Itinerary Booking Guarantee1. Should major changes occur in Travel Contract contents as stated in the left-hand column of the following table (except for changes mentioned in the (1) through (3) below), GMT shall calculate the change compensation money by multiplying tour fares by the rate indicated in the right-hand column of the table, and make refund to the client within 30 days counting from the day when the tour ends. However, if it is evident that liability as set forth in Article 19-1 occurs owing to said changes, GMT shall pay the amount not as compensation for changes but as either a portion or total amount of indemni cation for damages.(1) GMT shall not pay compensation for changes when they occur for the following reasons (however, compensation shall be paid in the event of shortage, even when services are provided, such as for seats, rooms and other facilities)a) Bad weather and natural disasters, which hinder the tour itinerary.b) War.c) Civil unrest.d) Governmental orders.e) Suspension of services involving transportation, accommodations, etc., such as cancellation, interruption, cessation, etc.f) Provision of transport services different from the original schedule, owing to delays or changes in operation schedules.g) Necessary measures to prevent tour participant death or bodily harm.(2) Should cancellation in the Tour Contract be made in accordance with Articles 15 through 16, and should changes occur in such canceled portions, GMT shall not pay compensation.(3) GMT shall not pay compensations if the client is able to receive tour services even when the order of such services differs than that stated in the tour brochure.2. Regardless of Clause 1 hereinabove, the maximum amount of compensation for changes paid by GMT under one organized Tour Contract shall be the tour fare multiplied by 15%. This money will not be paid, however, if the total amount is less than 1,000 yen.3. When the situation warrants, GMT shall indemnify the client by offering economic bene ts equivalent to compensation money, or damage indemni cation instead of cash payment, if the client so agrees.CHANGES FOR WHICH GMT SHALL PAY COMPENSATIONAmount of compensation for changes – Tour fare times the following percentage per incidentIf the client is noti ed by the day prior to start of tourIf the client is noti ed after start of tour(1) Change in tour departure or termination date speci ed in tour brochures:1.5%3.0%(2) Changes in destination or entry to tourist spots and/or facilities (including restaurants) stated in tour brochures1.0%2.0%(3) Changes in grade or equipment of transport facilities as stated in tour brochures to those of lower cost (only when the total price after change becomes less than stated in the Tour Contract.):1.0%2.0%(4) Changes in transport vehicles or of GMToperating them as stated in Tour brochures1.0%2.0%(5) Change of domestic airports for departure or arrival of the tour stated in the tour brochures or the nal itinerary.1.0%2.0%(6) Change of the international ights stated in the tour brochures or the nal itinerary from direct to connecting or via ight.1.0%2.0%(7) Change in accommodation facilities or the name of GMT operating them as stated in tour brochures:1.0%2.0%(8) Change in type of rooms at hotels, etc., their facilities, or view as stated in tour brochures1.0%2.0%(9) Regarding changes in items (1) through (8), above as relating to the tour title in brochures, these rates shall apply instead of those for the above items2.5%5.0%Note 1: In the event that changes should occur between the details set forth in the brochure and those in the nal schedule, or between the details set forth in the nal schedule and the actual travel services provided, each change shall be respectively handled as one change.Note 2: With regard to changes set forth in (9) above, compensation rates set forth in (1) through (8) shall not apply, and the compensation rate set forth in (9) shall apply.Note 3: For transportation facilities, one change shall be deemed as one change per one ship or automobile boarded; for accommodation facilities, one change per overnight stay; and for other travel services, one change per one item.Note 4: In the event that multiple instances of the changes set forth in (4), (7), and (8) should occur per one ship or automobile boarded or per overnight stay, such changes shall nevertheless be deemed as one change per one ship or automobile boarded, or as one change per overnight stay.Note 5: In the event that transportation facilities set forth in (3) and (4) accompany usage of accommodation facilities, changes shall be deemed as one change per overnight stay.Note 6: For company name changes in transportation facilities as set forth in (4) and name changes in accommodation facilities as set forth in (7), these shall be deemed as changes if the facilities themselves have been changed.Note 7: With regard to company name changes made to transportation facilities, changes including raises to a higher grade or facility shall not apply.23. Correspondence ContractWhen COMPANIES receives an application from a credit cardholder (hereinafter referred to as a “member”) issued by GMT or a credit card company af liated with GMT (hereinafter referred to as “Af liate Companies”), based on the conditions of “receiving payment of travel charges, cancellation fees, etc., without the signature of the member” (hereinafter referred to as a “Correspondence Contract”), the travel conditions are different from the ordinary travel conditions in the following points: (Some travel agencies may not be able to process this type of application. The types of cards handled vary among travel agencies.)1. A “card usage date” in this section shall be the day of payment or refund of travel fares, etc. on which a member or by GMT must perform based on the tour contract. 2. A client shall be required to notify the “membership number (credit card number)” and “card expiration date” to COMPANIES at the time of application.3. A contract shall be concluded at the time when COMPANIES issues the consent in the case of application by telephone or mail. The conclusion is made when the noti cation of COMPANIES’ consent has reached in the client in the case of electronic noti cation methods of approval such as email. 4. COMPANIES shall accept the “tour fares described in brochures” or “cancellation stipulated in Section 14” by the af liate companies of credit cards instead of having the member’s signature on the required form. In such cases, the card usage date for tour fares will be the date of contract conclusion. 5. If the client cancels a contract, COMPANIES shall deduct the cancellation charge from the tour fare to make refunds on the card usage date within 7 days counting from the day after the cancellation request (within 30 days for reduction in the amount or cancellation after the tour commencement). 6. When payment cannot be made using the credit card a member applies with due to credit limit or other reasons, COMPANIES shall cancel the Correspondence Contract, and be entitled to receive penalties for the same amount as the cancellation charges mentioned in Paragraph (1) of Article 14. However, this shall not apply if travel fares are paid in cash by the date separately designated by COMPANIES.24. Recommendation for Travel InsuranceDuring travel, injuries may incur large sums of treatment costs or transportation costs. Accidents may also result in claims for damages and compensations in amounts, which are dif cult to collect from the offender. In order to secure one self against such cases, we recommend that the customer take out travel insurance of a suf cient amount. For information regarding travel insurance, please consult the sales staff of the shop at which you applied to the tour.25. Privacy Policy1. COMPANIES and its entrusted travel agencies shall acquire the personal information provided in the tour application forms at the time of tour application. The client may choose what personal information he/she will provide to GMT. However, if GMT is unable to contact the client or make the arrangements for services and take the necessary procedures to receive services due to the lack of personal information, whether all or part that the customer has chosen to withhold, GMT may not be able to accept the client’s application or request. Personal information shall be provided to the Certi ed Travel Services Supervisor (listed in the “Operated by” column below), who shall act as the keeper of this personal information. 2. COMPANIES shall use personal information entered in the application form submitted for a tour application to contact a client, and to the extent necessary for arranging and providing tour services for which the client has applied. COMPANIES may also use personal information for the following purposes: the 1) introduction of commercial products, services, and campaigns of COMPANIES, and their af liate companies, 2) request for the submission of client feedback after a tour, 3) questionnaire requests, 4) provision of special services, and 5) creation of statistics reports. 3. GMT shall share parts or all of personal data gathered in Clause 1to transportation and accommodation facilities, such as airlines, as well as tour representatives to the extent necessary to arrange the tour. In this case, GMT will select the commissioned company according GMT’s selection process and will have signed a Privacy Policy contract with the said company. 4. GMT shall share with their group businesses parts of personal client data such as the name, address, telephone number, etc. to the minimum extent necessary needed to contact the client. Group businesses may use such information to introduce business details, simplify the client’s details, simplify the client’s applications, introduce events, and deliver the items clients have purchased. For names of the group businesses and their administrators responsible for the handling of personal information, please refer to the JTB Global Marketing & Travel’s Privacy Policy: http://www.jtbgmt.com/privacy_policy/privacy_policy.html 5. GMT shall provide personal client data to souvenir shops in order to enhance the clients’ experience at places such as shopping at tour destinations. In such cases, GMT shall beforehand send personal data such as client’s names, passport numbers, and ight data via electronic or other means. If a client does not desire such provisions of personal data to those businesses, please advise this to the place of application before departure. 26. Validity of Tour Conditions and FaresThe tour conditions and tour fares are valid as of the base date of August 31, 2014. Moreover, the tour fares are valid as the date of print, August 31, 2014 and are calculated on the base fares and rules as of this date.27. Others1. The client shall pay the expenses incurred when he or she asks for the personal accompaniment of a tour conductor for such purposes as guiding or shopping., costs arising from client injury or illness, the return of lost baggage articles left behind as a result of personal negligence, as well as changes incurred by independent activity.2. The client shall accept all responsibility for decisions regarding individual purchases at souvenir shops even when said shops are introduced by GMT. GMT shall not assist the customer in the exchange or return, etc. of any purchases. 3. If the client agrees to the “Flex Traveler System,” by which an airline shall request a client to board an airplane other than that originally scheduled, and boards on an airplane not arranged by GMT, GMT’s responsibilities for itinerary arrangement and management are deemed to have been conducted. GMT shall also be exempt from itinerary guarantee responsibility and special compensations related to the changes occurred. 4. Under no circumstances shall GMT re-conduct a tour.5. By joining COMPANIES’ Agent-Organized Tours, customers may be eligible for mileage service provided by airlines. For inquiries regarding or registration for such services, the customer shall directly contact the corresponding airline. Furthermore, changes in airline shall not apply to liabilities set forth in Article 19 (1) and Article 22 (1).6. These terms and conditions are subject to change to the JTB Travel Contract and governed and construed by the laws of Japan.7. Tokyo District Court shall handle all controversies arising from the interpretation and performance of these Terms and Conditions. This document is a translation of the Japanese language original for informational purposes only. Should there be any discrepancy between this translation and the Japanese original, the latter shall prevail.How to read informationPick Up & Drop Off ServicesTransfer PlanHotel PlanTakayama HolidayMountain HolidaySunrise HighlightsExpress KyotoJapan Combination PackagePlease read before bookingTour Conditions50