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Itinerary★ UNESCO World Heritage SiteDay 1: TakayamaPlace of Stay: Takayama3:00 p.m.Gather at Hida Hotel Plaza. walking Yatai Kaikan Hall (30 min) walking Kusakabe Folk Museum (20 min) walking Kami Sannomachi Town (30 min) walking 5:30-6:30 p.m.Arrive at Hida Hotel Plaza.Day 2: Takayama - Shirakawa-go - KanazawaPlace of Stay: Kanazawa8:30 a.m.Hotel walking Takayama Morning Market (30 min) walking Takayama Station motorcoach ★ Shirakawa-go/Shirakawa-go Observatory/Wada Residence (180 min) motorcoach Kanazawa Station walking 3:15-6:30 p.m.Arrive at Hotel in Kanazawa.Day 3: KanazawaPlace of Stay: Kanazawa8:30-9:00 a.m.Hotel motorcoach Kenrokuen Garden (60 min) motorcoach Kutaniyaki Pottery Kiln (30 min) motorcoach Former Samurai Residence (Nomura Residence) (30 min) motorcoach Omicho Market (60min) (Free time) motorcoach Kanazawa Station 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m.The tour will disband upon arrival at Kanazawa Station.❶ Departure DatesThe period or date of departure differs for each course. Please check the dates on the tour page for information about departures.❷ Guide ServiceThis column indicates the duration and area which an English-speaking guide or meeting/sending assistant who takes care of the participants. This information differs for each course. Please check this column on the tour page for more information.❸ Meals ProvidedThis column indicates the number of meals included in each tour. The type of meal provided is indicated in the itinerary.❹ Baggage ServiceBaggage transportation, if available, will be displayed in this column. Please check the tour page for more information.❺ Pick Up ServiceWhen this service is available, it will be displayed as See page 42 or Available in this column.❻ Drop Off ServiceWhen this service is available, it will be mentioned as Available in this column. The hotels and timing to which this service is available will be displayed.❼ Minimum number of participants necessary for tour materializationThe tour will be cancelled if the number of participants booked is less than the minimum number speci ed for each tour. Tour operation of one-day tours will be decided at least 4 days prior to departure, while tours including accommodation will be nalize at least 20 days prior. The minimum number of people required differs for each course. Please check the tour page for more information.❽ Tour PriceTour price shown on the tour page is on a per person basis. Tours including accommodation, prices are based on 2 people per a room. Additional costs indicated in the Remarks section is on a per person basis unless speci ed.Example Tour Fee CalculationExample tour fees for one adult participating in Tour Category A in January:JPY 19,500 (Adult per person) - JPY 1,000 (Reduction for Jan.) + JPY 11,000 (Single supplement for Jan) = JPY 29,500 (Total tour fee)❾ Tour CodeThis code is used for making tour reservations in the Genesis2 Sunrise Reservation system. Single SupplementIf you stay in a room by yourself or a single room, you will need to pay the extra fee shown in this section. If no price is displayed, single occupant usage is not available. Time ScheduleTime schedule is based on the departure/arrival time of transportation from/to the airport, station, hotel or visiting places. Please note times may change due to traf c jams, location of hotels, and weather condition depending on the season. Transportation We indicate the method of transportation with the following icons. (This guide is also available at the bottom of the tour pages.) motorcoach, van, sedan or taxi Train (in case Limited Express train is used, it is mentioned in the itinerary) ship walking Shinkansen (bullet train) (the name of Shinkansen is mentioned) cable car or ropeway SightseeingWe indicate the method of sightseeing using the following colors. (This guide is also printed at the bottom of the tour pages.)Red print: Entrance, Blue print: Enjoy the view after getting out of the bus, van, sedan, or taxi. Black print: Enjoy the view while driving by or throughThe cost of entrance of the sightseeing locations printed in Red is included in the tour price if required. RemarksImportant notices for each tour are displayed in this section. Please read the Remarks before booking your tour.How to Read Our Tour Information* Reduction:The following amount will be subtracted from both adult and child fare on tours departing in Jan., Feb., Dec.Please note that when the date of stay at the hotel is a blackout date, the tour will not operate.Reservations Possible Until: 8 days before departureDeparture NotesDeparture DatesJan. 8-Feb. 28, Dec. 3-Dec. 26: Thu., Sat.Mar. 2-Nov. 30: Mon., Thu., Sat.(except Apr. 13, 25, 27, 30, May 2, 4, 7, Jul. 20, 27, Aug. 3, 8, 10, 13, 15, 17, 24, 31, Sep. 19, 21, 24, Oct. 8, 10, 12, 31, Nov. 2, 5, 23)(Please note that when the date of stay at the hotel is a blackout date, the tour will not be operated.)Meals ProvidedNo meals included.Guide ServiceEnglish-speaking guide service is included.Pick up ServiceNot available.Drop off ServiceNot available.Baggage ServiceNot available. Please make own arrangements to have baggage transported.Note trains do not have adequate space for baggage storage. Leaving large baggage at hotel is recommended.* Service fees may apply. Please check with your hotel.NoteMinimum participants required: 1 person.Required When Making ReservationsPlace of stay before and after the tour.Tour Price/1 Person (Japanese yen, tax included)Tour CodeAdultChild 6-11 yearsAdditional Charge (Departs on Saturdays in Apr.-Nov.)Seasonal Reduction(Departs in Jan., Feb., Dec.)Single SupplementTriple ReductionSUN3GL500(Standard Room) 69,90064,9003,0002,0005,0004,600SUN3GL500(Deluxe Room) 76,20071,2002,5003,0009,7003,300Remarks(from Nagoya)1. Depending on traf c, weather, or other operational concerns, a bus may be used for transportation from Nagoya Station to Takayama Station.2. Staff assistance at Nagoya Station on Day 3 is not included.(from Nagoya and from Takayama)3. Comfortable clothing and shoes are recommended. Please bring an overcoat or other warm clothing from fall to spring. 4. Kusakabe Folk Museum and Kami Sannomachi Town may be visited on Day 2 instead of Day 1.5. If Wada Residence is closed or there is heavy snowfall, Nagase Residence or Myozenji Temple will be visited instead. 6. Transportation by bus on Day 2 will be a shared ride. Local transportation will be used for Day 3.7. Depending on traf c, weather, or other operational concerns, a private bus may be used for transportation between Takayama and Kanazawa.❶❸❷❺❻❹❼❽❾How to read informationTour ConditionsPick Up & Drop Off ServicesTransfer PlanHotel PlanTakayama HolidayMountain HolidaySunrise HighlightsExpress KyotoJapan Combination PackagePlease read before bookingHow to read information6